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The Encyclopedia on The Alchemy of Women Vol. I & II gives the definitions and explanations of over 5’000 years of Magic that supports the woman’s secret world. The words in this Encyclopedia are used in the average woman’s everyday life. This unique terminology and its applications come from these subjects: Medical Sciences, Social Sciences, The Definitions of Girls Names, Ancient Civilizations, Goddess’s of Mythology, Early & Modern American Slang, Religions, Botany (Plants), Zoology (Animals), Cosmetics, Psychology, Biology and Cosmology etc.,. This Encyclopedia provides clarification to the Chaos that women collectively operate by, regardless of age or race. It is an explanation to their innate confusion in comprehending the world. The Encyclopedia on The Alchemy of Women is the Final Directory & Manual written that allows a Man to be able to Control and also Avoid their attempts of attack and their desire to neglect.  For Women it will authorize you to “Know Thyself.” Love Each other & Thank You for Your Strength.


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